From My Journal (1/28)

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From Big Sky Buckeye

One of life’s most love-filled expectations is wrapped up in our relationships.

Do you write a daily journal?  This inspiring thought comes from my journal, and much of what is written in my journal comes from reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.  Thanks to many of you for adding so much to my journal.

(Updated January 28)

166 thoughts on “From My Journal (1/28)

  1. Yes. Remembering is important. I love the way this is emphasized in the OT. The way the people of God built offerings or left piles of stone as a remembrance of what the Lord had done for them. It’s good to remember …. It builds our faith and increases our gratitude.

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  2. I do not know why many of your comments came up in my ‘spam’ folder. Thank you for all of them! I was not ignoring you intentionally.
    Yes, I keep a daily journal – it just happens to be stored here!

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  3. Thank you {{{Richard}}} for putting people first – and for sharing your journal writing. I record in a journal each day, too. My son gave me one for my birthday this year. It’s a 5 year format … a single sentence each day. Thank God for compound sentences!

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  4. Hi {{{Richard}}} – Happy New Year to you! I hope you’re watching the Buckeyes as they play brilliantly against Clemson. Great game! But, hey, I digress – the topic of journaling is one that strikes a chord with many of us bloggers. Some say their blog IS their journal. In my case, I have a couple of journals – and I write in one or the other each day – depending on my mood or motivation. Often (especially with the “I CAN” Journal, that inspiration leads to my next post. I can’t imagine NOT journaling! Earlier I commented to you about my one-sentence journal. I do continue to use it daily. It’s fun!

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    • Thanks for sharing the good fortunes of the Buckeyes. Yes, I was up late to watch the game (dreaded Eastern time zone). I add some thought to a journal every day. Right now, I have been keeping a regular journal as a take-away journal (took your idea). I am thinking of adding a blessings journal because I want to focus more on God’s positive impact on all of us. I need to stay positive during the next several months.

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      • Do you feel you managed to stay positive in the midst of the year of lock-downs and social distancing? I hope so! “Rejoicing with everlasting joy, our Father’s goodness tastes like the sweetest jam.” That quote was especially meaningful to me today – because we got to have our first potluck after church today – first one since last year’s Lenten breakfast in March 2020!! The taste of the sweetest jam indeed!! ❤

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  5. I used to keep a journal regularly, in fact I have a stack of them in my bedroom from the time I was 15 years old. The past years my blog has kind of become my journal. I write here more than in my handheld journal. I do still have journals, and mostly I use them to write bits of poetry, ideas for posts or other writing projects, etc. I don’t really journal in a traditional sense much anymore. Once in a while I do, but that is usually only when things are really bad, and I desperately need an outlet that is private.

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  6. Like you, {{{Richard}}}, “Much of my journaling comes from … my morning devotional time.” I keep a 5-year journal as well as a “Thankfulness Journal.” The first one helps me to remember where I was and what a did on this day a year or two ago. The second one helps me recognize and record my daily blessings. Thanks for your encouragement ❤

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  7. I currently have five journals going at once: a quote journal, a gratitude journal, reflections on some of the old hymns, impressions from God, and a record of God’s faithfulness to our family. That last one is the oldest, kept in a 3-ring binder so pages can be added. I started that one in 1983, and it contains over 4000 entries. No one can tell me God isn’t involved in our day-to-day lives!

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