Day by Day

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Looming, life’s challenges come from left field

Invading life, pushing through safety shields


Sheltering-in-place brings many changes

Experiencing new rules, with broad ranges


Occupied at home, juggling novel ways

Overcoming change, yet lost in life’s maze


Closing businesses, routines now shuttered

Feeling suddenly strange, life seems cluttered


Playing underfoot, young children amaze

Showing adults, innocence shows new ways


Living with this new normal, upside down

Sensing loss, emotions creating frowns


Praying for those needing support and care

Tapping our faith, God leads with His bright flare


Remaking daily habits, life’s new pace

Shelving normal, left high on a bookcase


Growing each day, uncertainty prevails

Ticking clocks, second hands moving like snails


Hunkering down, persistent virus sprawls

Waiting day by day, patience makes its call

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