Lights Out!

abandoned ancient antique architecture

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On a deserted, darkened street

Halloween arrives with its treats


The two of us, walking down the lane

Scared and excited, looking for fame


An empty house breathes, coming alive

Energy awakens and desires to thrive


An electrifying party is set for tonight

The ancient house turns up its lights


A full moon illuminates the night sky

Just as witches in black, prepare to fly


Special guests add to the scary fun

Arriving from their past, one by one


Escaping from his creator’s famous lab

Frankenstein stumbles in, frightfully fab


Waking up from sleeping in a coffin bed

Dracula flies over, with a thirst for “red”


Howling eerily, over sighting a rare full moon

Wolfman pounces in, not a moment too soon


Sitting like unsuspecting flowers on a wall

The two of us don’t want this to end at all


Music and spirits fill the old, rundown place

This Halloween returns with a familiar taste


The impromptu party doesn’t last long

Finishing the night with one final song


Precisely tapping ruby-colored shoes three times

A young girl requests to return home before Nine


Walking past the darkened, empty house

You and I cannot even hear a tiny mouse


Realizing again, it’s time for lights out

Planning to return in a year, no doubt



11 thoughts on “Lights Out!

  1. Really enjoyed this line…“Frankenstein stumbles in, frightfully fab” because it reminded me of the old cartoon and song about “The Monster Mash” from so long ago! Thanks for bringing back fun memories!

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