Countless Blessings

Psalm 106:1:  “Praise the Lord!  O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever.”


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Life’s journey hurries along

Blessed with joy and a song


We forget who blesses us each day

Our mighty God molds us like clay


God crafts His creation with love

Offering His blessings from above


Rising from a cold, darkened tomb

Christ restores light to every room


Christ extends the bread of life

Filled with Spirit, no more strife


The Enemy hides, ready to harm and take

Christ’s way conquers, with love He makes


The Son of Man submits to our Holy Lord

Christ pays the ransom, so climb aboard


Be gracious with everything we have

God, family, home, and love—be glad


Life’s possessions are meager, they are

For God’s blessings will carry us, truly far


Pause and consider, take a knee and bow

Praise God for infinite blessings, do it now

Psalm 29:11:  May the Lord give strength to His people!  May the Lord bless His people with peace.”

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