Love Conquers

affection afterglow backlit blur

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Love Conquers

Finds a way

With words to say

Boundless and rich


Love conquers

Despite great distances

Responds in an instant

With faithful hope


Love conquers

Awakens each morn

Feels like being reborn

Lasts and lasts


Love conquers

Between two hearts

Eager for a start

Together at last


Love conquers

Each special day

Adventure comes our way

Exciting and endless


Love conquers

Thoughts to savor

Bringing each a favor

As sunrise arrives


Love conquers

Arrives without sound

Loving actions just abound

Every special moment


Love conquers

Forgetting the past

Bringing smiles to last

Faithful and forgiving


Love conquers

God’s at hand

Footprints in the sand

Reigns into Eternity


Big Sky Buckeye has written several poems which express love in different forms and with their own unique meanings.  Here is a sample of three of his favorite ones.

A man and a woman find love in their own way in Across the Street.

A family finds God’s love in bringing a special daughter into their presence in God’s Miracle.

A man and a woman reach out to each in a long distance relationship in Love’s Destiny.

10 thoughts on “Love Conquers

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