Photo by Travis Rupert on Pexels.com

A life can sometimes seem deep and dark

Just as the oceans’ waves find their mark


From season to season, a person splashes along

Just as the oceans redeploy, intense and strong


Hardships and misfortunes grudgingly arrive each week

Just as the oceans’ depths mask secrets, waiting to seek


Morning’s sunrise embraces, cheerful and bold

Just as the oceans splash water, much too cold


Today brings a bit of uncertainty and sadness

Just as the oceans bring a light of happiness


One wonders and dreams of a better life

Just as the oceans dispense little strife


A walk along the sandy beach sounds great

Just as the oceans’ tides deliver a final fate


The gentle waves engage loneliness for a swim

Just as the oceans’ surf arrives without a whim


A final desperate, draining breath takes one under

Just as the oceans stand still and start to wonder




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