Music Comes Alive

2019 June 8 Buckeye Music Superfest 008.JPG

Country music fans assemble at the “Shoe”

Sitting in Ohio Stadium offers quite a view

Buckeye Country Superfest fills the place

Hungering for “Country”—ready to taste


Football won’t be on the agenda this Saturday

Filling the Horseshoe with music and fun today

Pleasurable, comfortable June weather arrives

Assuring five performers will sing, full and alive


Raelynn, Midland, and Chris Janson arrive here

Adding their unique music for everyone to hear

Blake Shelton and George Strait close out the night

Singing memorable hits under the stars, what a sight


Aspiring, fresh talent Raelynn launches the show

Sharing her lovely voice, with music ready to go


Midland’s Texas honky-tonk excites the crowd

Harmonizing and powerful performers—Wow!

Their astounding ability to entertain and sing

Recognizing this trio possess talent to bring


Rising star Chris Janson comes out on the stage

Energizing, bold music thrills people of any age

He humbling witnesses about his rich Christian faith

Gathering his incredible voice, what music he makes


The evening definitely isn’t ready to stop, not at all

Waiting in the wings, the biggest talents stand tall


Blake Shelton performs an array of hit after hit

Pumping up the crowd to a frenzy, few ever sit

He turns the stadium into a church with “God’s Country”

Blessing an audience in the middle of Buckeye Country


Blake prepares the gathering for the “real” King

Walking out now, George Strait steps up to sing


The King of Country Music sings to everyone

Witnessing his classic tunes is so much fun

His band “Ace in the Hole” adds to the grand night

George sings “Amarillo by Morning” . . . Goodnight!

Buckeye Country Summerfest 16.JPG


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