Welcome to My Writer’s Corner


Thanks for joining me today. Sit a spell and find something that you like. I enjoy sharing my curiosity through my writing.  Feel free to like, comment,  follow, or reblog a post.

Are you a writer of poetry?  Has your pen or keyboard taken you to places that you could have never imagined before you began writing?  In writing the poem “Midnight Walk”, my pen was thinking of one of my dear grandmothers when it continued to pursue a different ending that wasn’t even seen when the writing began.  It can be amazing to see where inspiration comes from, and where it takes the writer.

In addition to the poetry, enjoy another entry from my journal in “Encouraging Moment.”  While I enjoy writing poetry, much of my journal writing is inspired from reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts.

Are you dreaming of summer gardens filled with flowers?  Check out the new photograph posted in the Photo Gallery.

Another inspiring quote is posted as well.  American entrepreneur, film producer, and animation pioneer Walt Disney brings a comment about dreams.  I am sure that his life was filled with amazing dreams going all the way back to Mickey Mouse!

Here are some of the previous posts.  You will find a variety of poems from the past few weeks.

  • Running in Life’s Marathon
  • Sunrise
  • It Takes A Village
  • The Rule of Three
  • Little Treasures
  • News Flash
  • Just Checking In
  • Sweetest Dream
  • Elfchens by O
  • God’s Mighty Fortress

Plan to visit the Photo Gallery.  Pictures from the Big Sky Country of Montana and the Buckeye State of Ohio will be posted from time to time.  Unless noted, any photos used on the site have been taken by yours truly (I enjoy sharing some of my photography here).

An Archives tab has been added so that it is easy to find some of my earlier poems.

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