Frozen Morning


Photo by on

An elderly woman sits at her kitchen table

Wanting to stay warm today, if she is able


An Arctic blast from up North has arrived

Challenging her to survive and stay alive


Inside of the window, frosted over with ice

Wishing for a heated room, would be nice


Her few needs are quite simple at this time

Praying the thermostat will begin its climb


Ancient, unreliable space heater offers very little heat

Realizing now, she needs a blanket to cover her feet


She lives all alone without any other family close by

Losing hope, her faith seems ready to quit and cry


Suddenly, there is a knock at her frozen door

Opening it to discover the Lord brings more


A stranger with a fuel truck has finally arrived

Smiling, the woman begins to feel more alive


He fills her empty fuel tank until it’s almost full

Checking her boiler, it is working without a lull


A sense of inadequacy overwhelms the woman to tears

Feeling desperate, her pocketbook is empty she fears


The helpful man simply ignores her worries and leaves

Telling her that a shepherd will take care of her needs


The woman sits stunned and can’t understand what to see

Looking down an isolated road that is as empty as can be


Who paid to fill her empty fuel tank?  She has no idea at all

Feeling a tender hug from above, her loving Lord pays a call



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